Top 5 Tips For Family Bathrooms.


Max out on storage.

Families - especially families with teenagers - get through a lot of towels. Having purpose-built storage space for towels on the bathroom, such as a vanity unit under the sink or a tall shelving unit, makes the daily changover easier to manage. Spacious storage which also allows you to quickly tidy away kids' bath toys is ideal.

Bathroom Vanity Unit & Wc Unit          Bathroom Storage


Think flexibly.

When kids are young, a bath is essential, but as they get bigger they'll want to add a shower into their morning routine. So when planning a bathroom for a growing family, think ahead and consider a shower bath. Which will meet everybody's needs for years to come.

Shower Bath           Shower Bath


Get the spa feeling.

When the kids are in the bath it's the noisiest room in the house, but once they're sleeping you'll want a relaxing refuge. Together with storage to hide the toys, the other key to transforming a family bathroom into a spa is lighting. Install spot lights or downlighters with dimmers that you can turn down low at the end of the day to relax - they're also great on dark mornings when you're too sleepy for the bright lights. Add a whirlpool bath and voila, your very own sanctuary!

Whirlpool Bath


Make it personal.

With bathroom fixtures and fittings normally white, you can go to town on accessories to inject some vibrancy into the space. Oversized ornate mirrors, framed kids art, a brightly-painted radiator or a collage wall of family photos: these all look great against the plain white walls and create a real sense of fun.

Ornate Mirror


Put safety first.

Safety is always high on the priority list when designing a family bathroom. Consider a hot water regulator; a device fitted to the hot tap which prevents your child from burning themselves. Wet floors can get very slippy, so give careful thought to flooring materials. There are non-slip flooring ranges made with bathrooms in mind, and bath mats also provide a safe landing for small toes.

Anti-slip Floor Tiles