Home buyers put off by old bathrooms and kitchens.

Out-of-date bathrooms and kitchens are one of the top reasons a potential home buyer may withdraw an offer, new research by shower and taps supplier Bristan has found.

The survey looked at factors that influence buyers. It revealed that 57% of buyers would reduce their offer and 8% would pull out altogether due to bad taste or out-of-date bathrooms and kitchens. This came second to poor energy efficiency ratings, with 59% saying they would rather reduce their offer and 16% saying they would withdraw their offer.

Mark Stratford, head of new product development at Bristan said "Government continues to incentivise first-time buyers to get on the property ladder, while families with younger generations moving out are looking to downsize. Understanding the impact that simple design choices, such as the kitchen or bathroom tap, can have is crucial to ensuring a house sale doesn't fall through due to avoidable factors.

"Add to this the rise of home improvement programmes and interior style magazines, and today's home buyer has a greater awareness of trends and designs then ever before. As this research shows, they are likely to be unwilling to settle for bland and boring decors as they search for their dream home."

KBB Review Febuary 2016