We are sorry to tell you this but not all beds sold in the UK are what they say they are.

We know of so called "bargain" mattresses being sold on Facebook, Instagram & Ebay by rogue traders touring social media looking for oppertunist sales. But they are not bargains at all!!

At best they will be worth just what you paid for them. If the ad has an Recommended Retail Price (RRP), often in the region of £699 or £799, it's always most certainly a scam. The rogue trader will be very convincing and offer you these so called luxury mattresses for a knock down price of anything between £100-£200. Don't be fooled! At worst, they could be disgarded old matteresses with old, used spring units or even a complete mattreses simoly recovered as new.


Health & Hygiene

Just think, you could be sleeping with all sorts of creatures - dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria - let alone other people's dead skin, animal hair, mould and residues of urine, sweat and other bodily fluids! Many won't pass UK flammability safety regulations, either, making them potentially dangerous to have in the house.


Talking of flammability regulations, we also know that many products are being sold through legitamate outlets in stores and online which do not meet UK's strict safety standards.

Bearing in mind that a mattress, particularly those containing foam without any fire retardant charactaristics become an inferno of flames and poisonous gases within 3-4 minutes, thats downright scary. 

Mattress & Divans must carry this label!!

fire label

Trade Descriptions

Rogue traders are not always honest about their product specifications, exaggerating spring counts or the quantity of fillings used, for example. 

So, since you often can't tell just by looking, how can you be sure that you are going to buy a bed that is everything that says it is?

Simple!! You can buy a bed from a National Bed Federation Approved Member.

Every NBF Approved Member manufacturer has undergone rigorous independent auditing to certify they have robust procedures in place to ensure they are complying with regulatory requirements for flammability, cleanliness of fillings and trade descriptions.

Buy from an NBF Approved Member with confidence, safe in the knowledge that what you buy is safe, clean and honest.

Look for the logo on all of our mattresses in store.