Covid-19 Updates

24th March 2020

To all our customers,

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support, even during these uncertain times. Our thoughts go out to all of you who have been affected by this unprecedented situation.

We have kept our store open as long as possible but due to the unfolding situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re very sad to have to let you know we’ll be temporarily closing with immediate effect.

For over 55 years we have never had to close our doors for something so serious like this.

We want to reassure our customers that have orders placed with us, that this is only a temporary closure and when we can reopen, it will be business as usual.

If you are worried of have any questions please email or message us on Facebook. We will do our very best to help you.

When the time is right, we look forward to welcoming you back into our store.

Take care of yourselves, your loved ones and your communities.


Ashton Discount